Mickel & Violet’s Intimate Mt Tamborine Wedding

Mickel & Violet had a beautiful intimate wedding on Mt Tamborine, which they made perfect just for them! Despite a multitude of last minute hiccups, they didn’t let them ruin their day, and how could they? These two are so much in love they just couldn’t stop laughing all day! It was such a wonderful pleasure to be involved in such a gorgeous day!

Tattoed Wedding

Mickel is a barber and the boys had to make sure he was clean shaven with a cutthroat razor before seeing his beautiful bride.


Tattoed Wedding

Tattoed Wedding


Tattoed Wedding


Tattoed Wedding
Tattoed Wedding
Tattoed Wedding
Tattoed Wedding

Violet is a master of hair and makeup and managed to be the calm and collected bride and super mum all at the same time, getting her bridesmaids and kids ready for the day.

Tattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed Wedding

The intimate ceremony and reception was held at The Old Church in Mt Tamborine.

Tattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed Wedding
Tattoed WeddingTattoed Wedding
Tattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed Wedding
Tattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed Wedding
Tattoed WeddingTattoed WeddingTattoed Wedding
Tattoed WeddingTattoed Wedding

Have wedding expo’s had their day?

I know this is going to be hot and potentially heated topic among wedding suppliers and vendors, but it has to be said.

Have wedding expo’s had their day? This year in particular it has been noted across the board that numbers at wedding expo’s are down, and not just by a few brides, but by hundreds in some cases.

Maleny Wedding

Why is this? Are we becoming a society totally reliant on the internet. Do we not feel the need to meet those people that are going to make your dream wedding day come true, and see the products they supply up close and personal? Are we solely relying on the referrals of our friends (or Facebook friends?). Isn’t it important that we meet and get along with those people like your celebrant or your photographer, that will make or break your day?

The expo’s I have attended recently, that most wedding vendors spend a fortune to set up and promote themselves, have definitely been on the verge of why bother? I especially feel sorry for the florists that bring along so many fresh flowers, and the cake decorators that spend days baking beforehand. Not to mention the person that just let a dozen doves fly into the air for all of 3 spectators!

Being a photographer I know I am in a totally saturated market. Every person with a good camera is a photographer these days, and everyone always has a friend or a cousin that can do it for them. If you’re on a tight budget, I understand – I’ve been there myself. But more and more I’m hearing of people finding businesses on Facebook and then finding out they are not legitimate businesses or that they are using photos of other peoples work to get noticed, which is not only immoral but completely illegal. Who do you trust? How much research do you actually do?

My question is, where is the market taking us? Is there a need for something new and exciting? Where do you go to get your information and find the wedding vendors that are a perfect fit for you? Because even though that person was recommended on Facebook or some other social media site doesn’t mean they are the right fit for you and your partner. It just means they probably sit on Facebook all day.

Is anyone else reading this in Carrie Bradshaw’s voice? Thanks for reading my Sex in the City style rant! lol.

I would love to hear your thoughts!


Family Fun at Fort Lytton

family castle photosI love when people come to me with great ideas for their photos! When this cute little family asked if we could go out to Fort Lytton, I was very excited on what we might get.

Although access can be quite restrictive and it was a really windy day, we had lots of fun and got some great family photos.

Family Fort LyttonGothic Familygrungy family photokids at Fort LyttonGothic couple photosepia portraitfamily portrait army barrackscubbyhole peek a booalternative family portraitsgrungy family photosalternative family

Visit the website for more fun family photos
Please contact me for more information on bookings.

Boudoir Marathon

Boudoir Photography Brisbane


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies – come and join me and my all female team for a weekend full of sexy Boudoir Photography shoots. With dates set in January, just in time to get your loved one something sexy and beautiful (and all about you!).
This is available to girls of all sizes as there are so many ways to get sexy and seductive and still cover up those bits you don’t like.

Location is still to be confirmed, but we are looking at several luxury apartments in Brisbane City.

To book or for more details email mail@leoniboltphotography.com or fill out the contact form below.


Newborn & Maternity Photography Sessions

Bringing another life into this world is one of life’s amazing miracles, full of wonder and excitement. Creating a new life inside of your growing baby belly you emanate a glow that only a pregnant woman can enjoy. As you embark on the journey of becoming a parent let us help you to capture those memories so that you may cherish them for the rest of your lives.


We have designed a couple of specialised packages to celebrate these special moments. Of course you are welcome to design your own package from our Al a Carte price list or add additional items to your package.


The first year of a child’s life involves so many milestones as they grow from a little bump in mum’s belly through to a little person of their own. This first year flies by so quickly we often wonder where our baby has gone! Let us capture some of these amazing moments for you to keep and share.

The Blossom Package consists of sessions:

  • Maternity session
  • Newborn session
  • 6 month session
  • 12 month session including cake smash


Maternity Session

As your excitement grows from the anticipation of the arrival of your little bundle of joy, so does your gorgeous belly! It’s an emotional time for parents, and a time to bathe in the glow of pregnancy and the love of becoming a parent. You can share this session with your partner and if you have other children they are welcome also.

The maternity session can be done in the privacy of your own home, on location or in the studio, depending on where you feel most comfortable your preferred style of photo shoot. In the studio (which can also be set up in your own home) we will use studio lighting to accentuate your bumps and curves and can create some really artistic photos. Outside is more of a lifestyle, fashion style session celebrating life!

Ideally your maternity session should be taken in your last trimester and preferably by 38 weeks.


Newborn Session

Newborns are best captured within the first 14 days of their lives, when they are at their sleepiest and most content (most of the time – although not all babies get the memo). Newborn sessions are generally between 2-4 hours in length, as they require feeding, cuddles and attention throughout to keep them happy and sleepy. Be sure to bring along any little outfits, blankets or stuffed toys that you want to include.

baby photo shoot

6 Month Session

This is generally around the time when bub starts sitting up and getting around and being a little more active. They have started laughing and playing and are turning into little personalities. Feel free to bring their favourite toy and be prepared to be a little silly to make them laugh!

Cake Smash

12 Month Session

By now you have a very active little person,that loves to get into things. A cake smash is a great way to give them something tactile and fun to do and to capture their joy and amazement as they explore the tastes and textures. We will supply the cake and can accommodate any allergies.


What would you expect to pay for a whole year of memories? Well at just $350 per session, you can get a lifetime of memories!

Each session includes

  • a private gallery of images online
  • 4x 5×7 prints
  • 4 high resolution images.

And at the end you will also receive a 30 page 10×10 hard cover coffee table book, consisting of images from all 4 sessions.

You can also purchase additional products such as canvases and retro art mounts from our Al a Carte price list from each session.


Maternity and Newborn Combined Session – $800

Celebrate your baby bump and the arrival of you precious little bundle with our combined maternity and newborn packages. Each session will include a photo shoot in a location of your choice. Maternity sessions are 1-2 hours and Newborns may take up to 4 hours – you can’t rush perfection!

You will get a private online gallery from each session, from the 2 sessions you can choose:

  • 10 x 5×7 prints
  • These will be given to you on a disc in high resolution
  • 1x 12×14 canvas (from your selection)
  • a bonus 3 page art folio showcasing both sessions in a fold out display, perfect for putting on display in your home.

Maternity or Newborn Session – $350

Photo shoot up to 4 hours (for newborn)

4x 5×7 prints

1x 11×14 art mount print

Your chosen 5 images as high resolution files on disk.