Leoni Heaslip (formerly Bolt) is a Brisbane based Photographer, specialising in Weddings, Portraits and Commercial work throughout South East Queensland.
Leoni graduated from Griffith University – QLD College of Art with a Bachelor of Photography in 2008. She started Leoni Bolt Photography while still studying and through the opportunity of working with other photographers has developed her own business and style.

“My passion for photography started when I was quite young. At 18, while living in a freight container in The Whitsundays, which was very cheap accommodation, I managed to save enough for my first SLR, and spent many days wandering around capturing everything from landscapes to tiny little insects. I then progressed to processing black and white images in a dark room, and finally decided to study it full time, hoping to make my dream job a reality.
Now I work mostly with people which can be challenging, but highly rewarding, especially when you see their faces when they see their photos. Many a time I’ve had parents and brides spring tears of happiness. When you manage to capture someone’s true inner beauty on film (or digital capture as is todays technology), it is something that can be looked at for many years to come – bringing forth magical emotions, both for those involved and generations to come.
This is why photography is so magical, in a sense, and the reason why I love what I do!”

Check out more of my work on www.leoniboltphotography.com

If you would like to get in contact or leave a comment on the blog please use the form below.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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