More Tails from Nat & Darcy

The 2011 calendar for Nat & Darcy is well underway, with our models really stepping up to the plate to model the latest imported fashions to enter Australia’s doggie fashion world! This includes the latest in hairdos, with everything from mullets to afros, for your pooch to rock out in!

This week our models were of course Darcy as well as friends and regulars at Nat & Darcy – Sukie, Rogue and Axle.

To celebrate the release of the the fabulous calendar, Leoni Bolt Photography is offering a special on Pet Portraits. For just $120 we will capture the character of your best friend and include a 12×16 in print on archival quality canvas. That’s over $400 in value!!

Darcy & friends hope you enjoy the latest feature from their modelling escapades!

dog dressed as a bogan

Even bogan pooches get the best treatment here!

DOg with a mullet

Mullets for Dogs!!!

pretty in pink pooch

Pretty in Pink

pink hairdo on dog.

Woah! This pooch is outta control!

Pet Fashion

Gorgeous Doggie Fashion

Dog dressed in dinosaur costume

Darcy Dinosaur

Tough dog in pink

It's tuff being me... Paris would be proud!

Paris look-a-like

I'm so Pretty!

Dog dressed as Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons eat your heart out!

Dog dressed as a bee

dog dressed as a flower in a hedge

Darcy sometimes takes his work a little too seriously!

Dog dressed as a flower

Darcy dressed as a flower

Tough bulldog dressed in pink

Who's a pretty girl?!?

puffed after a long day modelling

Is it my turn again?

bulldog dressed as a ladybug

Such a Lady!

Puppy & rose

Darcy the Romantic


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