“Behind the Scenes”- Nat & Darcy Calendar Shoot

Yesterday was day 1 of the Calendar shoot for Nat & Darcy. It was a bit of a learning curve, figuring out how to get the best out of our doggie models, and also how long they would last. After about 3-4 hours they were hiding from us and just did not want to model anymore! Of course before we even got started,  as we were setting up they all jumped in the nearby creek and came back covered in mud! Hence they whole day started with them in the bath. This was followed by a blow dry and of course then we put them in their bathrobes. They are models of course! So without giving too much away, here is a sneak preview of our gorgeous pooches, gearing up for 2011!

high key pet photosad puppy

dog with bubble bathpet photographybathrobes for dogsproud puppy

Ed is very proud of his new products!

fluffy white dog

Little Miss had too much champagne while getting ready I think, and missed most of the action!

raincoats for dogspet photography

dog dressed as draculaEd has been practicing his Dracula impression!Christmas outfits for dogs

Darcy thinks he makes a great Christmas gift!

Pet vacations

Darcy thought he'd had enough and decided to leave us!





sleeping dog in shoes

Darcy really had had enough by this point. That's when we called it a day!

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