O.K so I think I’m ready to enter the blogging world!

Hello Blog World!!
I think I’m ready! I’ve decided to join the rest of the world & blog on! I can’t guarantee that I’ll be any good at it, but I’ll try and keep a steady flow of cool images and tidbits worth talking about.
So my name is Leoni Bolt and I’m a Brisbane based Photographer. The majority of my work is weddings and portraits at present, which I love, as everybody is different, and you really get to know a person in the short time that you spend with them. It keeps things interesting!
A lot of my personal photography work involves travel. Another passion of mine, that I just can’t quench! Of course they go hand in hand, which is probably why I have followed the path that I have. Problem is I take so many photos – I never seem to get around to editing & finishing them!
I have just returned from my Honeymoon, on which my hubby and I travelled Cambodia & Vietnam. He of course had to fight for time with my camera, but thankfully he’s used to it!!
Stay tuned for an influx of awesome images!!

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