Clare and Ged




funky grunge wedding

50's style

This is a sneak peak at a wedding I did recently in Brisbane around the Story Bridge Hotel. It was a lot of fun, and I’ve got so many awesome images to plow through and play with.

Gallery link:

Brisbane wedding photos - Brisbane riverBrisbane wedding PhotographerStory Bridge, Brisbane Photographer


antique look wedding photo

bride getting ready

Wedding Flowers Brisbane Photographer


smiling bride and bridesmaids

party time!

funny joke at weddingfamily dance offwedding party

O.K so I think I’m ready to enter the blogging world!

Hello Blog World!!
I think I’m ready! I’ve decided to join the rest of the world & blog on! I can’t guarantee that I’ll be any good at it, but I’ll try and keep a steady flow of cool images and tidbits worth talking about.
So my name is Leoni Bolt and I’m a Brisbane based Photographer. The majority of my work is weddings and portraits at present, which I love, as everybody is different, and you really get to know a person in the short time that you spend with them. It keeps things interesting!
A lot of my personal photography work involves travel. Another passion of mine, that I just can’t quench! Of course they go hand in hand, which is probably why I have followed the path that I have. Problem is I take so many photos – I never seem to get around to editing & finishing them!
I have just returned from my Honeymoon, on which my hubby and I travelled Cambodia & Vietnam. He of course had to fight for time with my camera, but thankfully he’s used to it!!
Stay tuned for an influx of awesome images!!